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Have you heard of PiYo?

Are you ready to develop your strength without all the impact on your body? How to explain it… it’s kind of a cross of Yoga and Pilates. If you’re like me you might like the idea of Yoga, but can’t stand it, And far as at home Pilates, not seeing enough of an effect, Chanlene Johnson’s newest workout, PiYo might just be what you’ve been looking for!! Check out this video to a little of what it’s like…

How does PiYo work?

There are no weights involved, it’s all about using your own body weight to build amazing muscle, definition and flexibility. It’s moves along fairly quickly, Chalene Johnson has created a great way for you to get cardio, strength along with creating more flexibility in your body. Lets face it, if you want to avoid your body aging, the two things you NEED to do is develop your muscles and flexibility.

Want to improve your balance, posture, avoid injuries? You’ve got to try this!!

Use your body to train your body – it doesn’t get any simpler than that! It’s Your New Strong!! Every part of your body will get stronger, longer and LEANER! And who doesn’t want a leaner body!! You have the power to define yourself… so use it!

So many people have actually been enjoying the benefits of the PiYo workout in gyms… for the first time you can do it in the comfort of your own home!!!

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A New Kind of Strong – PiYo

“PiYo gives you hardcore definition, intense calorie burn, and allover strength—without weights, without jumps, and without destroying your body.”

—Chalene Johnson, creator of PiYo

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