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Ahhhhh Wanna Dance with Somebody

Did you hear Whitney Houston in your head when you read that?

I've been a dancer since I started taking ballet and tap at age four. I went through high school and college dancing with a flag in my hands in the marching band. I taught flags for years, which helped pay for college. I choreographed to Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera for a Miss Kentucky contestant.

In short, I love to dance.

The feeling of my body taking on a will of its own as it chooses how to move to melodies is euphoric. Sometimes I surprise myself with what my body does because I'm not thinking about dancing - I'm just dancing.

I love to watch dance, and all things related to dance, like ice skating or gymnastic floor routines. Rhythm gymnastics makes me swoon. Dance, gymnastics, and props? Sign me right up!

Two of my most prominent memories of dancers from when I was just a little girl are:

  • Gene Kelly hanging off the streetlight with his umbrella in that classic scene from Singin' in the Rain. Of course I, in all my five-year-old glory, grabbed Mom's umbrella and ran outside to imitate him, doodly-doos and all. Mom naturally told me that umbrellas are not toys, as all mothers are want to do ;)

  • Rita Moreno swishing the skirt of that awesome lavender dress on the rooftop singing America from West Side Story. I begged my mother to make me that dress, but she said the skirt was gathered beyond even a circle skirt and would be too difficult. Then she reminded me that my tummy wasn't quite as flat as Rita's so I might want to rethink a dropped waist skirt. She was totally right.

Anyway, I wanna dance again. And by god, this weight is coming off so I can!

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