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  • Kelly Crew

Attitude Adjustment

Lately I've been judging everything about my weight loss as just that - the amount of weight that I've lost and only that. Nothing else has seemed to matter.

I'm not doing very well lately so what was just a judgemental attitude has unleashed a voice of negativity in my head that screams like a banshee telling me things like:

  • I'm not up to the task of changing my life.

  • I'm destined to live my worst fears of being old, fat, and sick until I die.

  • I've always been a failure and I'll fail in this, too.

Well, in a few words I'll say, "F*ck. All. That."

Basically, the way I eat today will be reflected in the weight I lose tomorrow. I need to stop being so damned impatient and focus on the baby steps.

Serendipitously (I love that word), I came across this quote from the Scottish author of Treasure Island. This adjusted my attitude tout suite!

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