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Barbie, I feel your pain, girl!

Look at her chin, arms, and belly. Barbie's carrying her extra weight in all the same places I am. At least she has long gorgeous hair to make up for it a little. Mine's short but I may grow it out some. It'll probably wear my nerves out and I'll end up cutting it.

But of all the places where I hate to have extra weight, my double (triple?) chin is the worst. My neck is going to be droopy like a bullfrog. Mom's was like that and I'm following in her footsteps, only mine is worse because I weigh so much more.

I should start putting away pennies for a face lift now...sigh.

But if I can do more and live more vibrantly without all this extra weight (talk about being trapped in a padded room, get it?) then it will be worth it.

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