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I love blogging

This is my own little online diary that I've only shared with a few people. I maaaay, however, share it to a lot more if I decide to become a coach. I love the idea of helping and encouraging people.

Liz Curtis Higgs, the Christian author, calls herself "An Encourager" and I've always loved that description and hope to emulate her.

I want to wait until I'm more successful than I currently am though. As a lifelong salesperson, I've come to realize that I can't promote something I don't one zillion percent believe in. I'm close, but I'll be more certain when I see major, sustainable results in my own weight loss journey.

I've lost 30 pounds - thereabouts - and it's been fairly easy, but I don't think I'm someone to admire and want to emulate...yet. I'd also like to get off some of my medicines and get more active before I try to lead by example with other people.

I also will never be a pushy coach, trying to get everyone under my branch of the market. I'd get more satisfaction out of being part of someone's struggles and helping them succeed than I ever would from the money.

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