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It's all in my genes

Growing up, my mother told me I was "big boned" as a way for me to handle being a chubby kid. It worked rather well and stopped many a crying jag when I compared myself to the other little girls in my class.

She wasn't wrong though. I'm no delicate flower. Nor am I a linebacker who needs to weigh in excess of 300 pounds either.

So how much of obesity is due to genetics, and how much is due to gluttony? That's the million dollar question.

I have the same bone structure as my mother, though I weigh much more. My grandmother was a little more fine boned than Mom or I, and I'm even bigger than she was (was that a run-on sentence or what?).

Anyway, I thought this European peasant meme was funny because (a) I can totally hear it in Jamie Fraser's voice (hello to my Highlander friends), and (b) it's true as f*ck!

My body will invariably want to slow down if I get too active, though she does like to build muscle, which I don't need (see linebacker comment above).

I'll be adding some stationary bike riding to my routine here in the next few weeks. I'm sort of waiting to hit 325, though I certainly don't have to.

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