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My head is hungry

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

On my weigh-in yesterday, I gained 4.2 pounds.

I knew I probably would because I had some really big salads with regular dressing and almost daily extra fuelings. It was head hunger, not physical hunger, no doubt.

I'm on a couple of prescriptions that have probably been keeping this emotional eating crap at bay (rhymes with smellbutrin), but my insurance is messed up so they've been trying to charge me the full rate, grrrr.

So as I've tried to iron this out, I stopped taking them and here come my old friends, Anxiety and Depression, to make me think that food will make everything better. I hate those guys.

Things are further complicated by the fact that I'm under the weather with a sore throat. So the fuelings like puddings and oatmeal feel great while anything healthy like broccoli and salad hurt to swallow. Plus, illness always leaves me wanting comfort foods like macaroni and cheese or ice cream.

This could have been a much bigger gain, honestly. So onwards and upwards!

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