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NSV: Yanking up my pants

This is an annoying one, and it means I need to spend some money on new clothes, but I'll still take it. My pants are always hanging too low on my hips now and it causes the crotch to sag which drives me bonkers!

I've never understood the guys who wear their pants hanging off their bum, nor is it a style I want to emulate. So instead I yank up on my pants all day like a toddler. I try to roll down the waist but it always unfolds as the day goes on.

But hey, it's a sign that I need to buy the next size smaller in jeans. Look out, Ebay, I'm gonna be stocking up soon bcz I refuse to pay full price if I'm at all afraid they might not fit (see former post about thrifty mother and Gloria Vanderbilt jeans).

PS: This is obviously not my waist but, by golly, give me time and it will be!

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