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Only down two...sigh

In my logical mind, I know this is not a failure. On a normal diet, this is what's expected and considered healthy. But I have so much weight to lose that my coach thinks I can be losing more per week. After my big success in the beginning, I agree.

Not letting those feelings of failure set in and hamstring me is tantamount to my success. That's why surrounding myself with only POSITIVE people is critical to success.

The voice in my head beats me up enough that if I hear about everything I did wrong from other people, it just sinks my ship and I give up. I can be the queen of avoiding the things that make me feel bad about myself. I've become an expert over the years.

I know this about myself. I've told every boss I've ever had that, when I'm having a good sales week - praise me. If I'm having a bad week - it's even MORE important to praise me. That's usually counterintuitive to people in who are in leadership positions or those of authority. When people aren't performing as well as they should, it would naturally seem that it's time to offer constructive criticism.

But no matter what adjectives we use, it's still criticism. I need cheering on and to be told I can do it and they believe in me, NOT to be given a list of shortcomings and a proverbial ass kicking.

I'm hopping off my soapbox. Not all that many people read this thing anyway but it felt good to get that off my chest.

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