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Picture (not so) Perfect

One of the things we're encouraged to do on Optavia is to take a "before" picture. I've put it off until yesterday so this is actually me, 20 pounds lighter. My hair is dirty (and entirely too blonde) and I'm dressed like a bum (notice hole in tummy of shirt), but every bulge and roll is on display. Also kindly ignore the paint on the door that was scratched away by our dog.

You know how women with anorexia see themselves as fat even though they're painfully thin? I think I have the opposite. I have "beer goggles" for myself! I see myself as thinner and prettier than I really am. In general, this is a good quality, I think, because it's kept me from having low self-esteem. But it's also blinded me to reality.

But now I see myself, in all my real-world, no-filter glory. And while there's a lot in this picture I hate, seeing it didn't destroy me. I feel like it's just a place to start and imagine what some of my "after" pictures are going to look. I can't freakin' wait!

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