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Spinning Into a New Me

We were watching a rerun of Bones, which was set on Halloween. Bones, surprisingly, was wearing a Wonder Woman costume - and she rocked it. I would have guessed her to be a Marie Curie but I'm sure the TV execs wanted to show skin, especially since Cam and Angela were Cat Woman and half-naked Cher.

At the end of the episode Bones spins around and around just like Linda Carter did on the tv show. I said to the hub, "I think every little girl who grew up in the 70's did that. I had a Wonder Woman costume that I wore just about year around and I'd spin around and around, wishing and hoping that I would really change into..."

Then it suddenly dawned on me that the thing I always wanted to spin into was a skinny little girl who was prettier and more popular, much like Ginger Cummings who lived down the street. She looked like a Barbie had been shrunk down to her first grade self.

How freaking sad is that? I was a damn kid and I was already indoctrinated into societal standards and found my six-year-old self wanting!

Looking back this makes me mad for the obvious reasons, but what do you think little boys at that age would spin around and hope for? To be an astronaut or maybe a firefighter? I'll bet just about anything the average little boy wouldn't be worrying about his weight in first or second grade. And that infuriates me.

How much does the weight of this external, shallow bullsh*t weigh down girls / women and keep them from soaring?

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