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Two Days of Setbacks

Like with most things, I tend to make a mountain out of a molehill so, when I've had two days of weight loss setbacks in a row, I'm starting to worry about things like failure and admitting that, once again, I couldn't lose weight for the long term.

I know as well as anyone that we never take all forward steps, no matter what journey we're on. Life is more of a chacha - a couple steps forward, one back, and then another one forward. Well, I've definitely had my steps back in the last two days so now it's time to step forward again.

I've felt like my blood sugar is perpetually low for the last two days. I worked yesterday but was off the day before. That day off was one of those where eating just simply permeated my mind all day. I couldn't make myself feel full.

It wasn't that I was thinking about cake and pizza all day. It was more simple than that. I just thought about eating, eating, eating.

So instead of turning to all my favorite unhealthy foods, I ate more than five fuelings a day. More like seven or eight a day. My intestines paid for it, as did my psyche.

But when I started that downward slide in my thinking, I imagined the landing back to "bottom" and thought of how desperate I would feel - and how badly I felt before I lost these last 30 pounds. I decided no way was I letting this defeatist attitude take hold.

I tend to believe that when a person is doing all the right things with their life, that's when temptation comes at them hard. Happy marriage? Here comes a flirtatious Mr. Hottie. Up for a promotion at work? You'll suddenly feel that it's absolutely necessary to play hookie or blow off a deadline. Someone told me they call it a Shoot-Yourself-In-The-Foot Syndrome.

So today I didn't bring bars up to my office with me, just shakes, because it's much easier to gorge on bars than shakes. All the fluid feelings should help with any tummy problems as well.

I also took the issue of the low blood sugar to our Facebook group and they said I should drink more electrolytes. I'm also scheduled to see my primary care doctor Friday and I'm going to ask about lowering my Metformin (diabetic medicine) dosage.

So that's the plan for dealing with my first setback. If I still feel the pull, I may blog more about this later.

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