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Under-Boob (and other) Sweaty Places

I've never been one to sweat a lot. However, with obesity came under-boob sweat (and in other, more private places). My bras are usually soaked underneath if I expend an ounce of energy. Even if I just hang out, they're still not exactly fresh.

As far as every place else on my body *takes deep breath* here goes: under my belly overhang; the top of my thighs where they touch the rest of me; and my bum crack. Gross, right? I use a lot of Carpe products now and they're really truly are game changers.

Plus, the more obese one is, the bigger boobs one has, and the bigger bras one has to buy. They're not a bit pretty, are super expensive, and look like something grannies would wear.

Here's the absolute worst part - if I don't wash my bras every day, they get green stuff on the bottom. I'm assuming that it's mold since that's a dark, damp place almost all the time.

For this reason I'm no longer a big fan of summer, or exercise, or bras for that matter. I don't think many obese people are, tbh. The sad thing is that I used to love all three. I had quite the collection of bathing suits, workout clothes, and pretty underwire bras but no longer.

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