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"Won't fix your life, in five easy steps."

I love this song and it's been playing on repeat in my head since I woke up after my gain of 4 pounds last week.

Especially the line in the title of this post because there really is no easy fix. At they say, I didn't gain it overnight so I sure as hell won't lose it that way.

This Matt Maher song is about love. I think it can be interpreted as love of God or one's love for ONE'S SELF.

It's the second one that makes this song applicable to weight loss. Most women are gold medal winners in the negative self-talk category. I started winning awards for this as a kid.

Other lyrics to the song are especially poignant when considered from the angle of weight loss and loving one's self:

Love will hold us together, make us a shelter to weather the storm.

It's a sad thing to call out, but self hatred blows women apart, over and over, from birth to earth.

And the truth should really be that we actually do make ourselves a shelter to hide from the sh*t storm of negativity that the world throws at us day after day. Instead, most of us have papered our shelter with quoted insults and images of unattainable beauty standards.

I say enough is enough. I'm making myself a shelter made up of snuggly blankets, novels, and kittens. That should keep my heart safe.

Wanna treat? Watch this jazzier version of the song filmed at the Steinway piano factory in Astoria, NY.

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